Guide to Rome, Italy – The Eternal city

“Romresa” is a Rome guide, where you can find interesting and valuable information about what you ought to see and experience whilst visiting Rome. In this Rome guide you will also learn a lot about things worth seeing, that you might have time to visit, if you stay a little longer in this fantastic city. During a weekend you have time to see a few of the most important things worth seeing. During a week you will have time to experience most of the things “you have to see” and if you stay a little longer, or have the possibility to return, you can experience so much more. Rome is a marvellous city; on each street, in every corner, on every piazza, in every alley there is something beautiful to see. It can be a fantastic building, a wonderful fountain or a statue made by one of the masters, Michelangelo,Rafael and Bernini amongst others. This Rome guide gives you few suggestions about where to eat or sleep, instead it concentrates on giving you a lot of information and stories about the fabulous monuments, statues and art works one can find in Rome. A very good tip is however that you should learn how to use the communications in Rome. If you plan to stay for a while in Rome, you ought to buy a weekly ticket to be able to go on subways, busses and trams as much as you want to. You can also buy daily tickets. You never have to wait more than a few minutes for any of the communications. It is very easy to take the subway in Rome since it only has two lines. Line A and B meets in Stazione Termini. Here you can easily change lines. Also take time to learn the number of the bus taking you across the city from your hotel and do not worry to take the tram to Trastevere. It will be so much easier for you to find your way in the city if you learn these things and you will save a lot of valuable time.